AutomateWorks is a tool for quicker designing

  • Speed up your design cycle by up to 99.5 %! Automated work takes care of the boring routine work. No more annoying mistakes!
  • Produce precise product images for sales without the need for CAD skills! The customer can have an illustrative offer without delay.
  • Very easy to use! Just feed in the initial values and the changes in the components are calculated automatically.

Automate routine designing tasks with AutomateWorks:

The design team can concentrate on more essential work

Make designing more effective and reduce the time spent in designing by using AutomateWorks to customise standard products for each customer. By automating the product-specific routine designing tasks you can save design resources for product development.

High-quality and faultless data

Traditionally, the changes in measurements and configurations had to be fed manually and this increased the possibility for errors. AutomateWorks eliminates the possibility of human errors as the changes are updated automatically. When the data in the drawings and part lists is exact, measurement errors do not disturb the production work and the end result is a product with better quality.

Easy to create visual images for sales purposes

The use of the automation tool is simple and does not require CAD skills. Feed in the initial information and automatically create detailed images for sales and marketing. Sales can now produce an easily perceivable visual offer quickly and the customer has a true picture of what he is buying.

This is how easy it is!

  • Just feed the main measurements and other initial values to the configurator and the software calculates the changes in the various components of the assembly.
  • With just one easy operation the changes are automatically updated to all the configuration’s 3D models, 2D drawings, flame cutting data, part lists and visualised offer images.
  • Save the 3D models and drawings in your chosen form, PDF, DWG, DXF, eDrawings, IGES, STEP or JPG.

Make use of the time saving and easy-to-use features of AutomateWorks:

Command chain to guide a SOLIDWORKS 3D model

The command chain is an easy to perceive and visual way to guide a 3D model. This feature is used to work on a 3D model just as a designer would do it manually, but in only a fraction of the time spent. When the routine design work is done automatically time is saved for more significant work, such as product development.

A linking tool for producing a command chain

The linking tool enables easy and intuitive execution. The commands need not be memorised or written by hand, instead the choice of the controllable parameters is done easily and quickly straight from the 3D model.

Excel as the basis for calculations

Excel is a reliable, popular and widely known software. AutomateWork utilises Excel as a basis for paradigms and calculations and time is not wasted in learning the use of new tools.

An easy-to-use user interface

After the product-specific adaptation of the automated tool is done no CAD skills are needed to use it. You only need to feed the necessary measurements to the sketch and the automated tool generates the pictures. The end user can take the automated tool into use almost without training and is able to quickly create detailed pictures, for example for an offer, with just a few clicks.

Speed up your design cycle by up to 99.5 %!

We offer you an adaptable tool with quick benefits for everyday work.