The CustomWorks data management software unifies and improves design work

  • Minimises manual work! The ERP item structure is created automatically during designing
  • Specially tailored for you! The expansion is completely adapted according to your company’s needs
  • Agile and very easy to use! The user interface is SOLIDWORKS

Automate your label data management with CustomWorks:

Saves time and shortens the design cycle

CustomWorks automates routines and makes data transfer easy. Time is saved for actual product development work when routine work and the manual feeding of attribute data is minimised.

Consistent and high-quality data

CustomWorks guides the operator to feed the needed label information correctly and consistently. The dimension information is linked directly from the 3D model and all the changes made into the model are automatically updated to the part list. There is no need to manually feed and change the information. The data saved to the 3D model with the system is reliable, of a high quality and uniform. Big savings are made in the quality expenses alone.

Easy and fun to use data

CustomWorks’ capacity to integrate into the company’s other data systems makes the software easy to use. Acquiring and using data does not require CAD skills, instead the software produces the necessary drawings, lists and printouts automatically.

Agile production of characteristics

Separate functionalities can be created to CustomWorks easily by using the software’s internal definitions. A fully tailored customer-specific expansion can be created in this way without a laborious programming process and separately installed software.

Utilise the agile properties of CustomWorks during each step of the project:

  • The software feeds and adapts the attribute data simultaneously even for the entire assembly. The attribute data is easily fed to the 3D models from dropdown menus.
  • If different listings are needed, just bring out the data fed into the 3D model in the format you need.
  • The software creates a printout list straight from the assembly’s 3D model and prints the drawings for all the components of the assembly with just one click. 
  • The software calculates the number of parts to be produced and writes this information to all the separate drawings.
  • You can use the existing design information as a basis for your next project. You can copy and update the existing files and name and save them in an uniform way.

CustomWorks automates all this:

Attribute information control

CustomWorks feeds in and modifies the attribute information and generates new items and drawing numbers. The attribute information is automatically stored in the 3D models. This saves a lot of time. The information transferred by the system is of a high-quality and uniform. This eliminates errors during the production phase and the end result is a better product.

Re-use of design information

By using the design information copying feature you can systematically utilise earlier design data for new projects. An investment is quickly capitalised when overlapping work is eliminated and best use is made of existing information.

Create different file formats

The software changes the files simultaneously into the format you require, PDF, DWG, DXF etc. The design data must be available in various formats for acquisitions, production, communication and archiving. You can now automatically change the documents and drawings into the required format.

Mass printing

CustomWorks automates the printing of the project’s documents. All the work drawings of the project can be printed easily with one click and printing does not require CAD skills.

Link to the MRP/ERP system

CustomWorks links SOLIDWORKS to the company’s other data systems. For example, you can transfer the product structures to the company’s ERP system. The use of data does not require CAD skills, instead data transfer is done automatically in the background.