AutomateWorks halved the time spent at Valmet for designing

AutomateWorks halved the time spent at Valmet for designing

The AutomateWorks software developed by CadWorks is now routinely used at Valmet in order to ease and speed up everyday design work. The benefits of automatic modelling paid the investment back already during the first project. At best the automation tool has helped to reduce the time spent for design work into one half of what it was before.

As a new project is started, it is not necessary to design everything from the beginning if an automation tool is used for designing. Automatic modelling saves a lot of time as the routine designing tasks are done automatically. When Valmet’s Tampere unit, then known as Metso Power, took product-specific automation driven by the AutomateWorks software into use, the main goal was to reduce the time spent for designing

– The main thing was that we needed to get the drawings quicker into use. We were successful in doing so and everything else went smoothly as well. After that, we expanded the automation to the designing of the entire base. Previously, we spent about 400 work hours to design the base. With automation it takes only about a hundred hours, Pasi Yli-Hemminki, the Design Manager for pressure frame designing, tells us.

“Previously, it took more than 2000 hours to design the biggest components. With automation, the time spent for design has reduced to less than a half of that.”

More effective designing means more resources for product development

Automatic modelling is best suited for design processes that include a lot of routine work. When the often repeated phases are automated design work becomes more efficient, the process is speeded up and the products reach the market quicker.

– The resources of the design department should be used for product development and brain work and not into constant measuring and managing customer-specific alterations. AutomateWorks minimises the boring routine work where mistakes are easily made. This leaves time for meaningful and more profitable work. The end result is a better product, says Esko Simpanen, the CEO of CadWorks.

Automation ensures high-class product management

Automation has also brought with it a new kind of approach to product management.

– When automation is taken into use also the product definitions must be looked at carefully, and that is really a good thing. Good product definitions and the standardisation of product characteristics are a basis for efficient work and quality assurance, says Pasi Yli-Hemminki.

“Product management is on a higher level with automation. When the corrections are made to only one model the mistakes are not repeated.”