Meka Pro made the customer’s decision to buy easy

Meka Pro made the customer’s decision to buy easy

AutomateWorks creates precise images already during the offering phase – Meka made the customer’s decision to buy easy!

Meka Pro took AutomateWorks as an everyday tool for the offering process. Exact drawings and detailed measurements of the product can now be delivered to the customer already in the offering phase. This supports the decision to buy. Now the customer really knows what he/she is buying and the result is a smoother deal and a more satisfied customer.

– We wanted to intensify work and speed up the offering process. Before, each drawing was made from the start and the price of assembly was separately calculated using Excel. With AutomateWorks I can calculate the cost price of the product’s different versions and I use the configurator to make an image included in the offer, says Production Manager Aarne Hautajärvi who is responsible for the offer materials by Meka for selling power socket posts.

Meka’s change most visible for customers is that the customer now gets more exact drawings and measurements already at the offer phase. The fixtures used in the products can now be modelled more exactly with the automation tool. In this way the images and materials in the offer are closer to the end product.

– The more exact offer material we send to the customer, the less the customer has to make questions and there is less room for speculations. There is much less rechecking of technical specifications, says Mr. Hautajärvi.

“In case an offer leaves too many questions it might even cancel the deal. It is easier for the customer to make the decision to buy when the image shows exactly what kind of a system is in question.”

A quick offer can decide the sale

Meka has always tried to send an offer to the customer as quickly as possible. AutomateWorks has speeded up the offer process even more.

­– Often the power socket posts are only a small part of a large entity to the customer. The customer does not want to delay the acquisition but wants a quick solution. It could be decisive for the sale that we can make an exact as possible offer as quickly as possible. This is just where AutomateWorks comes in with added efficiency, says Aarne Hautajärvi.

“It made an impression on our customer how fast we made the offer and how exact is was.”.